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What has YLEP--Team India chosen as its Project?

As its community-centric project, the Team has unanimously decided to set up an online database of needs, which charitable trusts across India can access and utilize. This database will be created to provide a comprehensive, electronic platform for members of the Indian Zoroastrian community, which will allow greater accountability, transparency in the application process and aid in cohesive functioning of hitherto loosely scattered trusts. The database aspires to be a shared online home for applicants and charitable organisations alike.

Why has YLEP--Team India chosen this Project?

Our rationale behind the implementation of a database is this:
At present time, many applicants within our community are able to obtain double and triple funds from multiple trusts as there is no inter-trust connectivity or communication.  Some of them have made it their primary means of income and used this weakness to their advantage. The project we are proposing will help create a transparent application and communication process between the trusts and the applicants.

Frequently, some requests may go unnoticed and deserving cases may not get a fair audience. It is also possible that funds are disbursed to those who are undeserving or don't fall within the purview of trust guidelines. Therefore, streamlining could create greater accountability and a less laborious application and disbursement process.

How will the YLEP Team India Project help the Zoroastrian Community?

We envisage that the creation and hosting of an online database will help thus:

  • It will allow all applicants to complete one master application without having to appeal from trust to trust.
  • It will permit all trusts to check whether the applicant is receiving aid from any other trusts.
  • It will encourage accountability on the part of the trusts.
  • It will require transparency from the applicants and reduce chances of duplicity and fraud.
  • It will help create an atmosphere of a community working together for its sustainability and growth.

Phase 1 of the Project

The initial phase of this project will comprise the development of a comprehensive website which will contain a database of all the needs of the members of our community in India. Since health and education are the two most vital sustaining factors of any prosperous society, Phase 1 of the project will deal with health and education applications that can be met by active existing trusts.

In order to make the project a reality, our initial aim is to build a dependable relationship with the various trusts involved in such activities in Mumbai as well as other parts of India. Organizations in Mumbai and Delhi have already pledged their support and their letters of support are duly attached.

Next steps for Phase 1

Our next step will include hiring a technical expert for the development of the website. The plan is for the website to have a front end, accessible only to the applicant who would have a specific applicant number along with a password, and a back end, which can be accessed only by the trusts involved. The back end would include comprehensive information about the applicants, along with information duly formulated to meet the requirements of the trusts’ daily operations.

We will also need to locate a person/organisation who will host the website for us once it has been developed.

Funding will also be required, for the upkeep and subsequent redevelopment of the website to include other areas of assistance in the subsequent phases of the project.

In addition to the launch and upkeep of the website, we also plan on educating and informing our community in India about this website, its advantages, the essence of the database project and how to use electronic support to their advantage. Toward this end, we will be hosting events to garner funds and generate public awareness. As a 100% literate community, we have an advantage in that almost anyone with a bit of training or assistance will be able to access this resource.

Our goal for Phase I is to create a central repository of health and education needs that can be met by existing trusts. We will continue to add trusts and other areas of financial assistance as the project grows. Thinking ahead, we hope to be able to pass on the mantle of this venture for other young leaders of our community so they can help sustain and further develop it. We look forward to garnering support for our vision and contributing to our community positively.

How can you as a Trust participate?

To start the process please contact one of the members of the YLEP team listed below and set up an initial meeting to:

  • Understand the project in more detail
  • Communicate the specific needs of your trust
  • Allow the YLEP team to gain an understanding of current trust operations
  • Discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the project
What is in it for you as a Trust?

We believe that the project will hold the following benefits for participating trusts:

  • A guided transition from paper based management to an electronic platform
  • A comprehensive electronic record of each applicant, along with all:
    • Demographic information
    • Fund disbursement history
    • Updated contact information for the applicant
    • Access to information about other trusts participating in the applicant’s financial support
  • An electronic copy of the entire application, along with guarantor and family information, where required
  • An electronic copy of the entire application, along with guarantor and family information, where required
  • A platform, which allows you to use your financial resources in a more effective manner, thus preventing double disbursements
  • The ability to sift through applications in an organized manner, which meets the objectives of the trust
  • The ability to select a population for which the trust may have been founded. Example: Music Students only or Heart Rehabilitation only etc.
  • Free preliminary training of your staff on the new electronic platform
Who can you contact for further information?
» Freyaz Shroff   98922-73973  
» Hoshaang Gotla   98206-83398